Our Story

The Toffee was created as a way to say Thank You. The company was formed as a gift of love. The name was inspired by the little boy born of that love.

 I began making toffee over a decade ago.

 It first started with an invitation to a Christmas Potluck at the office of a customer. I had agreed to provide a dessert and wanted to bring something that varied from the traditional pastries and pies. I searched the web for ideas on Christmas cookies, candies and desserts. That's how I decided to try my hand at toffee.

The first batch was a hit. Not just for my colleague and his co-workers but at home as well. I had enjoyed making it so much that I made it again, and again, and again..... I started giving it as thank you gifts to clients. When the holidays rolled around I made little gift bags for my clients as well as our friends and family. Before long, people were starting to ask me to make it for them.

In 2009 my husband and I were blessed with a baby boy who we named Bodhisatva "Bodhi". I left a decade long career in Sales to focus on the joy and full time job of being a Mommy. I did not quit making toffee however. By this time, I had spent years experimenting to create the perfect toffee. I had played with a variety of nuts and chocolates. It was my husband however who inspired me to start exploring unique flavor combinations and his culinary expertise that guided me in creating the custom spice combinations and homemade extracts that flavor our one-of-a-kind artisan toffees.

Over the course of our sons first year I spent my days immersed in the joys of motherhood and my nights experimenting in the kitchen. During this time my husband's employees, colleagues, co-workers and all of our friends and family found themselves regularly being given toffee to taste. It was through all of their patient feedback that I perfected the flavors in each of our toffees.

As our little boy cleared the first year hurdle, there were lots of discussions about whether I should go back to work, childcare options, etc. That Christmas my husband gave me a gift that made the choice clear. The gift was a letter. In it he told me how much he loved me and our son. How much he believed in me and wanted me to be happy. That making toffee and being with Bodhi made me happy. That I should start a business and sell my toffee. This way I could have the best of both worlds; our son and a career. He pledged his commitment to support me anyway he could to make that possible.

We named Bodhi Treets for our son "Bodhi" who will someday learn the recipes for the toffees he inspired us to share with all of you.